Next To Normal

AUGUST 16–24, 2024

Next to Normal will be directed by Joshua David Smith with music direction by Danielle Hardin.

RUNTIME: 2 hours, 20 minutes | 15 min. intermission
RATING: PG-13 | Strong adult language, drug abuse, mental illness, suicide

BOOK & LYRICS BY: Brian Yorkey
MUSIC BY: Tom Kitt

Diana Goodman is a suburban mom who has struggled with bipolar disorder and hallucinations for sixteen years. Now, trying to balance sanity, happiness and her commitments to her family, her disorder takes a turn for the worst and her husband, doctor, daughter and son each try to help her through the struggle in their own way. As Diana’s symptoms worsen, and effective treatment remains elusive, the Goodmans must confront their shared griefs and struggles and learn how to finally connect with each other. A masterpiece of modern musical theatre and a powerful depiction of the ripple effects of mental illness, the Tony Award-winning musical is “brave, breathtaking… [and] much more than a feel-good musical: it is a feel-everything musical” (The New York Times).

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