Making waves of change, one act at a time.


At High Tide Theatrical, we believe in the transformative power of theater to inspire, connect, and celebrate the rich tapestry of human experience. Our mission is to offer accessible theatrical productions that cultivate a spirit of progressive thinking, empathy and unity.

Diversity and inclusion are not just values we uphold; they are the heart of our artistic vision. We are dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices, both on stage and behind the scenes, creating a creative environment that embraces the unique contributions of every individual.

Through deliberate casting choices, powerful storytelling, and active engagement with our audience, we aim to dismantle barriers and challenge preconceptions, ensuring that our theater reflects the beautiful mosaic of our world. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our commitment, collaborating to promote equity and accessibility in the arts.



Join us in making waves of change

Our mission is clear: to offer accessible theatrical productions that not only entertain but also inspire progressive thinking, empathy, and unity within our community. Now, as we embark on our inaugural journey, we need your support to bring this vision to life.


The goal

With a goal of raising $5000, we’re breaking down our mission into actionable steps. We’re forming five dedicated teams, each with the ambitious aim of raising $1000 in the month of June and July. This isn’t just about reaching a financial target, it’s about building momentum, creating connections, and spreading our message far and wide.


Join the movement

By joining our fundraising efforts, you’re not only supporting the arts but also becoming an integral part of a movement that champions inclusivity, empathy, and the transformative power of theater. Together, let’s make High Tide Theatrical’s debut year one to remember. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us cast the net wider, bringing our community together under the spotlight of creativity and unity. Join us as we set sail towards a brighter, more inclusive future!



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